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Sol-U-Guard Testimonials:

Photo of Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant Concentrate and Mixing Spray Bottle. EnhancedLivingForToday.com

Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant

Trina L.C. Sonnenberg


  • I love Sol-U-Guard! It gets the job done and makes everything smell clean without smelling like a medicine bottle. Lysol was good, back in the day, but everything smelled sterile. Sol-U-Guard makes things smell clean without the hospital feeling of sterility. I use it in the kitchen, the bath room, garbage cans, and anything I think needs to be clean and fresh smelling. When my kids were in diapers, I even put it in the diaper pail. Better than bleach.
  • I even use it to get the musty smell out of my washing machine. One capful in the wash cycle, without clothing in the machine, on a small cycle setting does the trick. No more musty smell. It even helps the machine run better. It cleans the hard water deposits off the moving parts in the machine.
  • I have never used a product I like better.  I’ve been using non-toxic products from this company for more than a decade now and I’ll never go back to traditional cleaning products. My home is clean and healthy.


Cindy Forrester


  • I want to tell you how amazing this company’s “Sol-U-Guard” is. I use it for everything and feel so confident that it isn’t hurting my family, my environment or any wild life or animals. It is great for anything that you need to clean. I love to use it on the kitchen counter tops and door knobs where germs and dirt can accumulate. I know that sol-u-guard has kept me from getting sick at different times when I was around people that carried sickness. I sanitized lots of areas to keep it free from germs.
  • I love the  natural freshener “Revive” for fabrics but I also like it to help with static. I use it to freshen up my clothes and it works amazing.
  • A favorite product of mine is the stain remover stick “Pre-Spot” it is incredible. I have never used anything that works so well on stains. I would never be without this product. This stain remover even takes stains off of clothes that you have washed and dried, it is totally amazing!
  • The essential oil blends from this company are top quality and I use Lavender and Lemon daily to help my mood and energy levels. I also love Peppermint for a boost of vibrancy. During the cold and flu season I use the Essential Blend to keep me from getting sick and helping to build my immune system. Frankincense is also one of my favorite oils for skin ailments. And I can’t forget the essential oil that helps to ease my sores to heal. I used it after a surgery on my face and neck and it helped to heal the scarring and the surgery site quicker.
  • I love the products from this company!


Lynn Scott Watts


  • I’ve been using Sol-u-guard for a while now. I am picky about any cleaners I use around my parrots and I won’t use chemicals around them, so the natural power of Thyme in the Sol-U-Guard makes me confident that I am taking care of germs and keeping my birds safe. I like the mild scent as well. I don’t like strong smells around the birds.


Tina Sullivan


I love Sol-U-Guard!  I never have to worry about poisoning myself or my pet birds and it cleans very well killing 99.9% germs that includes bacteria and viruses on non-porous surfaces.  I also use it in my kitchen and bathroom.  I don’t have to worry about putting poison down the drains that go out into the environment.