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How To Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Most toothpaste and mouthwashes you buy at your local drug store and grocery store contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens or ingredients that cause more cavities.

Presented here are 7 toxic and/or  problematic toothpaste ingredients:

  1. Triclosan has been linked to endocrine-disruption chemicals in the body linked to cancer and antibiotic resistance.  
  2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – has been linked to enhancing bitter tastes, skin irritation and canker sores.  The manufacturing process contaminates the SLS with 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogenic by-product.  SLS is also a registered insecticide and may have toxic effects on marine life.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners – such as Aspartame contains methanol that our bodies cannot break down so this can cause methanol poisoning in the brain with symptoms such as ear buzzing, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, weakness, chills, memory lapses, numbness, shooting pains in the extremities, and neuritis.
  4. Fluoride – is a toxic chemical that accumulates in your tissues over time.  Too much Fluoride can cause neurological and endocrine dysfunction.  Young children swallow globs of toothpaste when brushing their teeth and usually washes it down with water that contains fluoride unless water is filtered with a Brita Water Filter.
  5. Propylene Glycol – is a mineral oil used in antifreeze, enamels, and airplane de-icers.  A pharmaceutical grade is used in personal care products including toothpaste.   Research lacks evidence on Propylene Glycol and it is known as a skin, eye and lung irritant and may cause body/organ system toxicity.
  6. Diethanolamine (DEA) – is a known hormone disruptor and has been linked with cancers of the stomach, esophagus, liver, bladder.
  7. Micro-beads – are tiny plastic pellets contained in body washes, facial scrubs, toothpaste and even more.  The micro-beads destroy the environment when they go down your drain and out into the waterways and the ocean. The micro-beads absorb toxins from the waters and are eaten by marine life and humans as well.  The micro-beads also get trapped under patients gums and causing gum disease by allowing an entrance into your gum line for food and bacteria to get caught in.


Presented here are 8 toxic and/or problematic mouthwash ingredients:

  1. Alcohol. Conventional mouthwashes contain about 26% alcohol, in the form of ethanol which dry out your natural microbiome (balance of bacteria like in your gut) which helps support remineralization.  Drying out of your mouth from alcohol can cause more decay, does not correct bad breath and can cause mouth ulcers.  Alcohol, containing mouthwash, is linked to oral cancer.
  2. Chlorine Dioxide – defined by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) a hazardous gas used as a bleaching agent to whiten teeth and antibacterial.
  3. Chlorhexidine – is used as an antiseptic but is an allergen which can cause dermatitis and can cause anaphylactic shock in some people.
  4. Cocamidopropyl Betaine – that can cause dermatitis allergic reactions and is rated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as a “moderate hazard.
  5. Parabens – are endocrine disruptors that can set off allergic reactions and are linked to cancer.
  6. Poloxamer 407 – a detergent in mouthwash can cause hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol in test animals.
  7. Formaldehyde – used to embalm bodies is in mouthwash that can cause skin reactions, linked to cancer, respiration problems, and multi-system shutdown in large doses.
  8. Saccharin or Aspartame – is linked to cancer and the neurological problems that Aspartame can cause,  above in #3 under toothpaste ingredients.


Use Safer Oral Hygiene Products that Work:

I learned about these toxic ingredients in my toothpaste and mouthwash 10 years ago and wanted to shop for safer oral products to use.

*My dentist said my mouth was in excellent condition, this November 2018, for not seeing a dentist in 10 + years.  I have been safely using the Tooth Polish and Mouth Rinse for 10 years.

Avoid the toxic and problematic chemicals in commercial oral hygiene products with Whitening Tooth Polish and Mouth Rinse.

Mouth Rinse is Alcohol-Free with a pleasant tasting fresh mint that cleans your mouth and fights gingivitis and plaque with Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial and along with other bacteria fighting agents.

If you would like to learn more about Tooth Polish, Mouth Rinse or an Oral Hygiene pack, please go to my website, scroll down to the bottom where it says “Contact Me Now.”  Sign up or contact me on my Facebook page or Facebook Messenger, and I will personally reply to you with information as soon as possible!


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