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Gift Giving Ideas for Maintaining a Toxic Free Home

Presented in this article are some gift-giving ideas for maintaining a toxic-free home during the Holidays.

Because we keep our homes tightly closed, during this time of year, we need to be careful not to emit poisons into the air that could affect our family, friends, and pets!  These household cleaning toxins, including self-cleaning ovens, are deadly to pet birds. This Year and for years to come,  clean your oven safely to prevent any tragedies from occurring in your home.

Why not introduce yourself and a friend to an EcoSense Clean Home Pack this Holiday Season!  Enjoy peace of mind while cleaning and freshening your home with a line of Eco-friendly, effective, household cleaners.

Use safer air fresheners, wax melts, and candles in a Warmed Spice Latte scent and Winter Cedar scent in your home as well!  

Holiday Air Freshener Spray:

  • Revive Room Spray comes with a refillable non-aerosol spray bottle.  
  • Save plastic, water, and energy by buying refills of Revive  
  • Reuse the plastic spray bottle to save plastic, water, and energy.  
  • Get an aerosol effect without harmful chemicals by quickly pulling the trigger on the spray bottle two or three times.
  • Please use common sense with anything highly scented.  Some people, like myself, birds, and animals are extremely sensitive to scented products.  Even though the scents are not toxic, they can cause irritation.
  • An important note for bird owners: They lady that lives upstairs, that I rent the downstairs from has used Revive air freshener for 7 years.  I own 2 birds that are happy and healthy! I have 2 cockatiels, one that is 21 years old and one that is 16 years old.  We have lived here for 7 years! I would never spray an air freshener, fabric freshener, or use scented oils, or wax melts in the same room that the birds are in (or with a person with lung disease.) Birds have air sacs throughout their body for flight that flows the air to help lighten them for flying!

Holiday Wax Melts and Wax Warmers:

  • Revive Wax Melts come in Warmed Spiced Latte.
  • Winter Cedar scent
    • Revive Wax Melts are made with wax and fragrance oils.
    • Wax warmers and plug-ins slowly warm the wax melt to keep your home fragrant for hours to enjoy.
  • Revive Wax Melt warmers and plug-ins warm your wax melts safely with a long-lasting light bulb.

Holiday Soy Candles:

  • Holiday scented soy candles come in spicy scents of:
  • Warmed Spice Latte
  • Winter Cedar
  • Spiced Apple
  • These beautiful candles will glow with the warmth of a holiday scent in your home.
  • Made with soy wax blend
  • Lead-free wick
  • Sootless free wick

If you would like to learn more about Revive room sprays, wax melts, soy candles or the EcoSense Clean Pack, please go to my website, scroll down to the bottom where it says “More Info.”  Sign up or contact me on my Facebook page or Facebook Messenger, and I will personally reply to you with information as soon as possible!  🙂


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