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How To Keep A Clean Environment Inside Your Home This Winter

Brrrr!  It’s winter, and it’s cold outside.  So to combat that cold, we keep our homes tightly closed to help keep it warm and cozy inside. Unfortunately, this means that cleaning product chemicals are kept cozy inside with us too!

Because so many cleaning products and air fresheners are made with toxic chemicals, it’s essential to be cautious about which products you choose to clean your home with and try to pick out the safest cleaning products possible.

While I believe you should only use non-toxic products in your home, in the winter, these are the top three that you really need to choose as non-toxic:


    • We all need a disinfectant to kill germs in our home in the bathroom, kitchen counters, doorknobs and more!  
    • Rather than using bleach which literally kills everything good and bad, choose a biodegradable, EPA-Registered disinfectant that is safer for you, your family and pets.
    • Even though vinegar does kill some germs it is not an EPA-Registered disinfectant and does not kill dangerous bacteria like Staphylococcus.
    • Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is extremely dangerous and can cause tissue burns when swallowed, seizures to lung, heart, and neurological damage.  

Air Fresheners:

    • I have been buying a safe air freshener for my neighbor that I rent the downstairs from. She lives upstairs.  We share the heating system and air vents throughout the home. When I first moved in 7 years ago, I noticed a very strong air freshener scent and inquired to her what the name of it was.  I am very sensitive to toxins and so are my birds. Birds airways are highly complicated for flight and sensitive to toxins in the air.
    • I found out my neighbor that lives upstairs was using Glade Plugins!  Glade Plugins and Spray are deadly to birds!  The strong scent of the Glade Plugins – one upstairs and one in the garage which is right next to my bedroom where I keep my birds – made my eyes very red and irritated, burning and itchy and irritated my sinuses.  Glade Plugins or any other commercial plugin and spray air fresheners are deadly to birds.
    • If Glade Plugins are deadly for birds they can’t be that great for humans, in my opinion.  I was affected and still am affected by any of these air fresheners.
    • I solved the problem by getting a safer air freshener for my friend upstairs.  I have been buying my neighbor this safe air freshener for 7 years! I have also tried safer wax melts for myself.

Oven Cleaners:

    • Oven cleaners are a toxic brew for any human and animal.  
    • Lye, when combined with water can cause serious chemical burns.
    • Ethylene glycol is the deadly ingredient in antifreeze that makes it deadly if ingested by animals and humans.
    • Petroleum distillates are low to medium-grade solvents produced as a by-product from the oil refinery process and are mildly toxic.
    • Self-cleaning ovens are toxic as well, so don’t use this method.  
    • Self-cleaning oven fumes will kill your pet birds and other small animals. There is enough carbon monoxide produced by self-cleaning ovens to make it deadly to birds and small animals.  
    • Self-cleaning oven fumes cannot be good for people either.  

With all of these toxins in mind, it is best to use safer cleaners such as Melamagic which is made with nonionic surfactants, and tea tree oil.  I have been using Melamagic since 2008 to clean tough jobs like ovens, garage floors, and super greasy jobs. 

One time, I helped my neighbor clean gasoline that she accidentally spilled on the garage floor, right next to my bedroom with Melamagic.  The gasoline made me cough uncontrollably.  It was just a tiny bit that spilled, but I can’t tolerate breathing in much poison.  I cleaned with toxic cleaning chemicals for many years, and my mom cleaned our the house I was growing up in, with toxic products.  I also worked around other chemicals in a small manufacturing company for 16 years, that made artificial trees, bushes, flower arrangements, and I cleaned the facility with toxic products as well.   

If you would like to learn more about Melamagic, or add it to your house cleaning supplies, please go to my website, scroll down to the bottom where it says “Contact Me Now“, sign up or contact me on my Facebook page or Facebook Messengerand I will personally reply to you with information as soon as possible!  🙂


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