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How to Clean Your Windows and Clean without Ammonia with Non-Toxic Cleaners

The best time to clean your windows, inside and outside is twice a year, in the spring, after a long winter and late summer or late fall after a hot, dusty, summer.  [Resource]

Don’t clean your windows on a sunny day or they will dry too quickly, and streak.  The best weather for cleaning your windows is when it’s cloudy.


  • Move things away from the windows, and window sills such as knick-knacks.  
  • Cover the floor and carpet below.
  • Dust the area around the windows before cleaning the actual windows themselves or you might make a muddy mess of the area around the windows and in between.
  • When dusting, start from the top and work your way to the bottom with a damp rag, with a toxic-free cleaning solution that will not harm you, the wood or other material.  
  • Rinse the wet cloth in a bucket of cleaning solution if it gets too full of dirt, or you will end up spreading it onto the clean surfaces.
  • Change the bucket of cleaning solution if it gets too thick with grime.The best tool for cleaning your windows is a 10 to 12-inch squeegee.  

Window Cleaning Tools:

  • Squeegees clean faster and more efficiently than paper towels which leave lint and streaks.  
  • Make sure the blades are in good shape before cleaning.
  • If your squeegee is leaving streaks, that means it needs a new rubber blade.  
  • A new clean fitted rubber blade is suggested for each cleaning.
  • You can reverse the rubber blade if it isn’t nicked or sliced on the reversed side.  
  • You will also need a 5-gallon plastic bucket.
  • Lint-free rags or small towels.
  • Use a window scrubber or a good quality sponge.

For a window cleaner:

  • Use biodegradable dish-washing liquid that does not leave a toxic residue on any surfaces.  
  • You can also use vinegar and water. 
  • Use a window cleaner without the vinegar smell which is easier to use and cleans better than vinegar, try Clear Power 12x Glass Cleaner that I highly recommend.
  • Scrub the window with the cleaning solution with a window scrubber or a good quality sponge at all angles.
  • Cover every square inch of the glass with the scrubber.  
  • Start at the top corner on the glass.
  • Pull the squeegee steadily across the window to the other side.
  • Move the squeegee horizontally across the glass.
  • Wipe the blade often on a clean towel to remove dirt and excess water.  
  • As you move down the window, overlap the previous stroke about 2 inches and wipe the blade on the towel.  
  • Continue to do this until you are done with the window.
  • Wipe off the excess water with a lint-free towel or microfiber cloth.

If you would like to learn more about Clear Power 12x Glass Cleaner concentrate, or add it to your house cleaning supplies, please go to my website, scroll down to the bottom where it says “Contact Me Now“, sign up or contact me on my Facebook page or Facebook Messengerand I will personally reply to you with information as soon as possible!  🙂


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